If you’re also one of those who believes you’ll stumble and fumble or maybe even fall while walking in those sky rocketing high heels, then come on here girl! Welcome to the gang!

No bride would want to have an oops moment on her big day and that too because of those uncomfortable high heels!? NO NO NO!

So you don’t worry, we bring to you a list of comfortable yet fashionable shoes that you can wear on your big day and rock your outfit with a diva’s confidence!

1. Kolahpuris To The Rescue

With a pinch tradition blended with everlasting grace, Kolahpuris are our all timefavourite! These block heeled Kolahpuris are the newest edition and they are definitely here to stay! You can easily team them with your designer wedding lehenga and steal all the limelight at your palace wedding in Udaipur!

2. Magical Ballerinas

Battet flats are literally god’s own creation! So comfortable yet so modish, these footwear go along

3. Uber Stylish Wedges

These embellished and embroidered wedges are completely in vogue and a gracious replacement for those torturous heels! You can also customise your wedges depending upon the theme of your wedding, be it a garden wedding in Kerala or a Royal wedding In Udaipur, there’s something for all!

4. Everyone’s Fav: Jootis

These embellished, quickly yet comfortable jootis are literally every bride’s best friend! Thanks to them you can now easily attack the dance floor and groove your heart out!

5. For the unconventional bride in you :Zardosi Sneakers

Okay Okay! We get it, its not that bridal! But a bride wearing sneakers under that traditional lehenga is surely in for making a bold statement! So if you want to go a little offbeat and not miss out the fun, these zardosi sneakers are your match made in heaven!

6. Embellished Chappals

These handcrafted chappals are all the comfort you have been looking for in the world full of torturous heels! They look extremely graceful and add that extra festivity to your feet without suffocating them!

7. Best of Both Worlds : Kitten Heals

If you’re one who is all thumbs up that minimal amount of heel, then this cute pair of  kitten heels is all that you’ve been looking for!

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