• How much does a Taj Lake Palace Udaipur Destination Wedding Cost?

    An Indian wedding is not a casual affair. It's more of a culturally rich affair, conducted with the blessing of the elders. The culture of India sets it apart from the rest of the world. India is known for its destination weddings at historical locations, and Rajasthan is a state that offers forts

  • Role of the wedding planner in 2021

    Wedding is a flourishing moment in every couple's life. And a couple has many expectations from their special day to make it a fairy tale wedding. But as per the current pandemic scenario, many things have been changed. You have to plan your wedding according to the government guidelines. As we kn

  • 2021 Destination Wedding Setup in Udaipur

    A unique idea makes the latest trend. Weddings By Neeraj Kamra, with its constant unique ideas and creative mind, it is recognized as the best destination Wedding planner in Udaipur. Indian wedding ceremony decorations have now evolved multi-level folds over the last few years. Amazingly, Indian w

  • What are the benefits of choosing a destination wedding?

    Weddings are the dream of everyone's life and to be hosted with the latest trend. And destination weddings are in a boom, but why? I don't think this question needs an answer. Everyone knows why a destination wedding is in trend. But many couples think that it will increase their cost, travel can

  • Some Wedding Theme Ideas For Summer Wedding

    Weddings are a lifelong event for the couple, so couples have a lot of dreams about it. Imagine taking your lifetime vows on a gorgeous beach in the backdrop of a setting sun or getting a trendy boho marriage in a vintage setting with summer dresses! Who claimed that summer weddings were meant to

  • How To Select The Best Wedding Planner In Udaipur?

    For all the new-gen weddings, a destination wedding is the latest trend. And while thinking of a destination wedding, Udaipur is the first place that hits the mind. So, in this wedding season, leave all the stress behind and book the best Wedding Planner in Udaipur, while staying home. Everyone ha

  • How much does a Destination Wedding Cost At Chunda Palace Udaipur?

    Indian wedding is not just a casual event. It's more of a culturally rich event held under the elders' blessing. This culture of India makes it stand out among the world. India is famous for its destination wedding at historical places, and Rajasthan is a state which offers forts and palaces for y

  • Upcoming wedding destinations in Udaipur in 2021

    Khamma Ghani   Everyone is aware of Udaipur as a famous wedding destination with a list of royal venues. The year 2021 will be more exciting as multiple new venues are lined up for the list.    As Udaipur - The city of lakes is known for its tourism and is popular among the couples for their w

  • How to deal with wedding day stress?

    Khamma Ghani Hope you all are good.   Pandemic has stopped us to do many celebrations and one of those is the wedding ceremony. Many people have done this in the pandemic but major of them have postponed their nuptials to enjoy with the whole family. A wedding is just not an event, it is the st

  • Zenana Mahal Udaipur Wedding Cost: An Overview

    Rajasthan Known for its rich culture and staggering natural beauty, and Udaipur is one of the most exquisite locations to plan out your destination wedding! Adorned with a rich blend of culture and urbanity, it is ideal to plan out a royal wedding in Udaipur strategized with the help of Best Weddi

  • Some unique wedding destinations in Western India - That you must know.

    Wedding! Hey, Hope you all are doing well. When you hear the term 'wedding', a great and grand celebration hovers your mind. But alas! This pandemic has ruined all such celebrations and gala. For once, we can compromise on many things. But when it comes to a wedding – which is once in a life ev

  • Plan 2021 Stunning Wedding At Udaipur With The Royal Outfit

        What does a wedding mean? A wedding is just not about two people tying the knots. It is a great event or celebration time for two families and their loved ones. Many have dreamed of a big-fat wedding with lots of people to attain their special day and bless them for their new beginning. But

  • Ideas for Wedding in Winters

    It’s all about ‘chilled vibes’ when it comes to getting married in the season of winter. With little bonfires established across the wedding venue and Hot N Delectable dishes being served, everything is cozy and comfortable sprinkled with the joy of a wedding celebration. However, what makes a wed

  • Why choose Udaipur as your destination wedding venue?

        When it comes to your wedding, you always think of unique ideas to celebrate it to ensure that it stays in the memory of your guests and loved ones forever. Everyone wants to customize their wedding according to their character and style. As of now, a destination wedding is quite an amazing

  • Best Destination wedding venue in India in 2021

    No more Band Baja Baaraat this year? 2020 has spoiled almost everything but still, either this year or next, “Shaadiya to honi hi h.”   The destination wedding era has moved out from grand and entered a small and virtual wedding setup. Intimate weddings will be in trend more in 2021. Keeping the

  • How to plan your Destination wedding in Udaipur in 2021?

    Has 2020 ruined your Wedding plans? The pandemic is hard for all of us. Many of you have got engaged and many of you also have this big day on the cards. But every cloud has a silver lining. You have postponed your wedding till the situation gets control so you can plan a big fat wedding with ful

  • Jag Mandir Udaipur Wedding Cost: An Overview

    Rajasthan Known for its rich culture and staggering natural beauty, and Udaipur is one of the most exquisite locations to plan out your destination wedding! Adorned with a rich blend of culture and urbanity, it is ideal to plan out a royal wedding in Udaipur strategized with the help of Wedding Pl

  • How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Udaipur Cost?

    It won’t be much of a surprise to know that almost 500 couples put ‘Destination Wedding In Udaipur’ in their search bar every month! After all, every bride and groom has a wishlist for a royal wedding in Udaipur. And we suppose, you're one of them too! As Udaipur is famous for its lakes, forts,

  • 6 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner in Udaipur, India and Abroad

      Stress-Free:It is a major reason and benefit to hire a wedding planner. Hiring a Wedding planner gives you the liberty to enjoy your wedding without worrying about anything. They take everything on them and avoid the last moment delay. And they deal with other vendors and manage them so you can

  • Post Covid Weddings in 2020 as per the government guidelines - Make it easy with a wedding planner.

    COVID-19 changed a plethora of things in all the countries with India being no exception. There was lockdown all across the nation, things came to a standstill and lives came to a complete pause. All in all, this lockdown brought troubles and inconvenience for all of us. But every cloud has a silv

  • A Destination Wedding in Udaipur - Right choice for Dream Wedding

    Envision getting hitched like a princess around magnificent palaces, royal vibes surrounded by the beautiful lakes, where the water glistens like pearls. Tying the knot is the most significant moment in one’s life, and undoubtedly Udaipur is the best wedding destination, away from the bustle of li

  • The New Normal trends of Weddings in Pandemic

    You have planned your wedding day for months and in some cases, years. You’ve agonized over every little detail starting with the trimming on your dupatta to the exact shade of gold on your partner’s sherwani. But, this pandemic imposed lockdown has forced hundreds of would-be couples to postpone

  • Cost of Destination Wedding at Taj Aravali Resort and Spa, Udaipur

    Rajasthan Known for its rich culture and staggering natural beauty, and Udaipur is one of the most exquisite locations to plan out your destination wedding! Adorned with a rich blend of culture and urbanity, it is ideal to plan out a royal wedding in Udaipur strategized with the help of Best Weddi

  • 5 Top International Wedding Destination you all dreamt for your Wedding

    If you are looking, what the hottest destination wedding locations are,  look no further than right here.  I am almost certain you must've envisioned this at least once in your life- your partner and you getting hitched by the seashore with brilliant dusk as the background and the smashing waves

  • Wedding Themes That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

    The pink of her cheeks, or the blue of his eyes, the traveller in her or the artist in him, the dreamy her or the sophisticated him; we definitely know each and every nuances of your to- be better-half, so why not let it reflect all over! After all, love is in the details.   Here are a few weddi

  • Top 5 Exotic Destinations In India To Get Hitched

    And it started with a date, topped with a lot of laughter, fabricated with countless memories and when you finally bent down on one knee, she said ‘Yes’. What now? Now is the time to celebrate your love and your beautiful journey ahead and there’s no better way to declare your love than a destina

  • How Much Does A Destination Wedding At The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino, Goa Cost?

    Famous for its pristine white sands and turquoise ocean waters, with waves crushing on the shores, the orient state of Goa is one of the best locations in India to host a destination wedding! Goa offers a plethora of exquisite venues to host your much-awaited destination wedding, out of which the

  • Six absolutely amazing entry syles for the modern day bride

    When your make-up is on fleek and your lehnga designer enough to make everyone jealous, so you obviously gotta enter in style and flaunt your self to the max! Gone are the days of shy and plain brides walking down the aisle, its the era of the bold and beautiful, the time to bring out the diva in

  • How much does a destination wedding at Samode Palace cost?

    Planning to host a palatial destination wedding in Rajasthan? But still baffled about which heritage venue is the best for your extravagant D-day?   Located in the small village of Samode, enveloped by the mighty Aravali range is the eternally glorious Samode Palace. Embellished with fine Indo-

  • How much does a destination wedding at Ramada, Jaipur cost?

    The latest trend to add up in the nuptials is that of a destination wedding! Couples seek to enter into the wedlock in the most exquisite locations of the world and make their D-day as special as it can get! Springing up as couple’s favorite location to get hitched is the royal city of Jaipur. Be

  • How much a destination wedding at Rambagh Palace, Jaipur cost?

    The golden land of Rajasthan echoes with melodies of bravery and love. The stupefying grandeur of the state attracts many couples to enter into the wedlock who wish to experience the splendour and luxury of the place. And in order to become a part of the historic era, it’s quite important to choo

  • How much does a wedding in Ananta Resort & Spa, Udaipur cost?

    Known for its rich culture and staggering natural beauty, Udaipur is one if the most exquisite locations to plan out your destination wedding! Adorned with a rich blend of culture and urbanity, it is ideal to plan out a royal wedding in Udaipur strategized with the help of Best Wedding Planners In

  • How Much Does A Wedding At The Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur Costs?

    If you're planning to say I Do in style, and nothing but royalty can fulfill your desire, then a Destination Wedding In Rajasthan is your *literal* one key solution. The land of cultural and traditional vibrancy- Rajasthan, offers few of the most exquisite and opulent venues to tie the knot. And u

  • How much does a destination wedding at the Lalit Golf & Spa Resort, Goa cost?

    Tucked into The Western Coast of India, and adorned with the 300-year-old sublime Portugal Architecture, Goa is without any second thought the ultimate location in India to host your much-awaited heavenly destination wedding! The state is a bliss for couples looking forward to hosting a beach wed

  • Top 7 unique ideas for your pre wedding shoot

    Pre wedding shoots have now become essential in a wedding check list. Apart from making some everlasting eternal memories, this is the most significant time a couple can send with each other before tying the knot. If you've made up your mind to capture your pre wedding memories but still out of i

  • How much does a destination wedding at Park Hyatt, Goa cost?

    Planning to host a grand beach wedding in Goa? With a radiant sun as the backdrop and shimmering sand as the dancefloor? Don’t worry, we’ve sorted out for you the best venue in Goa to host your dream destination wedding. Located in Bambolin is the magnum opus of Indo-Portuguese architecture – Th

  • Amazing mandap decor ideas for your dream Wedding

    So your designer lehnga is almost ready and menu for your reception is all set?! But still in deep dilemma about the mandap decor idea? Well, don't worry! We got your back! Mandap is one of the major highlights of your big day, be it a beach wedding in Goa or a Palace wedding in Udaipur, all eye

  • Latest Maatha-Paati Trends For The Modern Bride Of 2018

    Every bride desires to look nothing less than a princess on her wedding day, and it cant be done without some fascinating fancy saaj-shringar! No bridal look is ever completed without some daunting traditional jewellery and 2018’s favourite ornament pick seems to be the evergreen, oh-so-majestic

  • How much does a Destination Wedding At Le Meridian, Jaipur Cost?

    A perfect dream destination wedding goes hand in hand with a stupefying wedding venue! And there is no better way to tie the knot then amidst the stupefying royalty of Rajasthan!   The pink city of Rajasthan- Jaipur is adorned with some of the country's richest cultural sights and awe-inspiring

  • How much does a beach wedding at the Leela, Goa cost?

    Matches are made in heaven, and hence need nothing less than a paradise to be celebrated. Recreating the glory and charm of the 13th century Vijayanagar Palace and ornating it with striking elements of 18th century Goan-Portuguese artis The Leela, Goa. Offering the spectacular view of the Arabia

  • How much does a destination wedding at Taj Jal Mahal, Jaipur Cost?

    Festooned with marvellous forts and palaces, Jaipur is slowly becoming couples gateway to host a palace wedding in Rajasthan! The city is an ideal blend of royalty and urbanity and offers a number of exotic locations to get hitched! And our favourite is the Taj Jal Mahal Palace. This magnificent

  • How much does a destination wedding at the Holiday Inn, Goa cost?

    If you’re looking for a tranquil yet opulent venue to get hitched away from the touristy buzz and hustle of North Goa, then we’re pretty sure you might wanna thank us right now.   Located at Mobor beach, Cavelossim, The Holiday Inn, Goa is a luxurious 5 star property finely blended with contempo

  • Best Songs For Groom’s Entry

    We Sorted Out The Best Songs For Groom’s Entry!   We know how excited you’re for your big day and almost on your nerves to make everything grander than what one has ever seen. Adding all the flavors of a big fat inidan wedding, from mithaai to mehmaan, don’t miss out on the drama quotient of the

  • How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Goa Cost?

    It won’t be much surprising to know that almost 500 couples put ‘Destination Wedding In Goa’ in their search bar every month! After all, a beach wedding in Goa amidst the tranquil sea breeze and solecistic wave crashing sound is on everyone’s wish list! And we suppose, you're one of them too! Ju

  • Best Fashion Houses For The Groom To Be

    Fashion for grooms is taking turns almost every new season and if you're a groom to be and still confused about your attire? Don’t worry, we've got your back! Here are some labels where you can find the best of groom wear to steal all the hearts out there! 1. SS HOMME From sharp silhouettes to

  • How much does a destination wedding at Bella Cassa, Jaipur cost?

    Also known as The Pink City and regarded as the pristine gem of the golden sands of Rajasthan, Jaipur is slowly becoming couple’s favourite destination to get hitched royally and in an abundance of luxury. Offering drool worthy sights of majestic forts and imposing palaces, the pink city is festo

  • Follow these diy tips for a radiant skin on your wedding day

    We know the struggles of looking nothing less than fab on your big day! And that’s why we’re out here to help you with the best DIY tips for your skin this winter!   Goodbye Tan! We know you’ve been hopping from stores to stores, be it for your wedding finery or your appointment with the chore

  • How Much Does A Destination Wedding at The Alila Diwa, Goa Cost?

    Regarded as The Pearl Of The Orient, festooned with enticing beaches and well preserved ancient culture, the state of Goa is a well-planned heaven tucked in the coastline of the Arabian Sea. The lively state always buzzing with dwellers and tourists is a perfect location for couples seeking to h

  • How Much Does a Wedding at Country Inn & Suites, Jaipur Cost

    Nothing beats the charm and class of the royal capital of Rajasthan- Jaipur. Bedecked with marvelous forts and palaces and fabricated with some baroque architecture, the Pink City is without any doubt the ideal location for couples seeking to tie the knot in a kingly fashion. Apart from palatial

  • Top 5 Hatke Entry Ideas For Grooms That Will Leave Everyone In Awe

    Big Fat Indian weddings are getting bigger and fatter with each passing day, and it’s just not the bride stealing all the attention, our handsome Mundas aren't that far behind! From their jootis to sherwani, beards to broaches, everything about them should be on point on the big day! And when eve

  • How Much Does a Destination Wedding at Chomu Palace, Jaipur Cost

    With the eternal beauty embodied in terracotta pink, the royal city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is slowly emerging as couple’s favourite destination to enter into a wedlock! Bedecked with magnificent forts and sumptuous palaces, Jaipur is just the spot you've been looking for to host a regal and royal we

  • Diet Tips For THE BRIDE TO BE

    So your wedding shopping is on full swing, and you also booked the best beautician for your big day. The stage is set and you're all ready to rock it, isn't it? Or is it not? Do you feel like you've gained a few pounds and your customized designer lehnga doesn't look befitting anymore? So don't

  • Best location in Udaipur for Weddings

    Udaipur needs no introduction as one of the best locations in India to get hitched. Weddings in Udaipur are lavish royal affairs with opulence blended exquisitely. Get your big day planned with some of the best wedding planners in Udaipur and make the evening nothing less than magic! Here are the

  • Ladies, It’s time to ditch the high heels on your wedding day

    If you’re also one of those who believes you’ll stumble and fumble or maybe even fall while walking in those sky rocketing high heels, then come on here girl! Welcome to the gang! No bride would want to have an oops moment on her big day and that too because of those uncomfortable high heels!? NO

  • How much does a wedding in the oberoi udaivilas cost

    Udaipur needs no introduction when it comes to most exotic locations in India for planning a destination wedding. With a vibe of rich culture and romance blended in the aura of the city, it is ideal for any couple to plan their destination wedding in Udaipur! Apart from the glorifying history and

  • Getting married Have a look on the most amazing bridal blouses in trend

    Your big day is coming near and you still haven’t figured out your spotlight outfit yet? Planning for a palace wedding in Udaipur or a beach wedding in Goa but still confused Well, don’t worry, our team has sorted out the best labels where you can shop your fabulous and staggering blouses!  1. An

  • 7 ways in which you can make your mehndi rasam the Talk of the Town

    An Indian wedding is a blend of culture and delight, of tradition and gratification and its a no brainer, our customary rituals play a vital role in it. One such sacred ceremony is that of the Mehandi Rasam and it doesn’t matter whether you’re organizing a garden wedding in Kerala or a Royal wedd

  • Reasons to hire wedding planner

    Planning a wedding sounds like a lot of fun! All you gotta do is do endless research, make kilometers long lists, remember thousands of payment details, find people who can execute your larger-than-galaxy imagination, OR- YOU CAN JUST HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER!   A wedding planner is basically your

  • Importance of flowers in Indian Weddings

    Indian wedding without flowers is quite an unimaginable affair. Flowers add charm and grace to the occasion, thus increasing the aesthetic factor of the surrounding. From Varmalas to Bidaai, you see enchanting flowers beautifying and elevating the aura of the auspicious affair. Different tradit

  • 7 reasons why you should marry in Udaipur, Rajasthan

    Udaipur, commonly known as The Lakecity needs no introduction when it comes to exotic locations for destination weddings! This beautiful city located in the south of Rajasthan and strategically enveloped by the Aravalies is pleasing to the eye. Owing to its natural beauty and rich culture, it is o

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