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Weddings by Neeraj Kamra in Goa has set up an exceptional theme for beach wedding in Goa. Being a wedding planner in Goa, Neeraj karma has got the exposure and resources to plan and organize your destination wedding in Goa. Be it wedding decorators in Goa, to Wedding caterers in Goa to the owners/managers of Wedding venues in Goa, everyone is well known to Neeraj Kamra & team, which is a top destination wedding planner in Goa.

Cost of Destination Beach Wedding in Goa

Have you ever wondered that how a destination beach wedding would be? Amidst, the serene water flowing, the sea breeze, and the skies, ah! It is sublime. The romantic sunset and exquisite turquoise water are lovely! Wedding at a beach is just right off the beaten path. It’s for the people who want their wedding a little different than old traditional ones in a hall full of people. Beach wedding planners in Goa presents a perfect plan to rock your wedding.

Destination beach wedding in Goa is a divine dream which needs a lot of investment. Cost accounting is necessary before stepping into the wedding plans in the beach of Goa. If you have a small budget, your beach wedding plan would fail, let alone wedding plan, who wants to curb their desires after making a full proof plan? It’s better to nip it in the bud. Goa wedding planners might guide you through the cost and the wedding budget. Before you move ahead with your plan, you just need to make sure of the budget. Few cost parameters are enlisted below-


Accommodation eats up your 50% of the budget. In a wedding, this is the major parameter where you need a lot of investment. There are many good resorts available for a comfortable stay for your guests. These resorts are located in the proximity of your wedding beach venue. You can look up for apartments and villas, but for that, you might need a pick-up service for your guests as they might not be located in the vicinity of the wedding venue.

Wedding Venue

There is a provision of semi-private beaches in Goa where you have to book them to yourself. You can choose the resort according to your budget. Wedding venue sourcing in Goa is the essential part of your wedding plan. The sea facing lawns are the most frequently booked resorts because they are of comparatively lower value than a private beach. Beach destination wedding planning company in Goa lists the entire available beach venue for your big day according to the budget you choose.

Venue Décor

This includes the setup, themed decoration, floral arrangements, the stage decoration, light arrangements, sitting arrangements. The best wedding planners in Goa will provide the setup as you visualize in your budget. Your preference and taste will be at top priority discreetly synchronized with your budget. Wedding decoration in Goa is a wonderful task of the planners where your day becomes memorable. It adds up to the divinity of your wedding.


Entertainment cost analysis is also an important factor these days. Nobody wants a wedding without music, and DJ dance floor. People hire the entertainment parties for a wedding where the party plans a sequence of entertaining events in your wedding. These parties may cost you a large sum of money. A little strain on your pockets will give you a wonderful and memorable day. Best wedding planners in Goa will never suggest you a heavy investment on entertainment section, but they will provide you a fixed budget with loads of entertainment.

Also, there are other expenses, like on Mehendi ceremony, sangeet, travel cost, beauticians, etc. In a wedding there are expenses other than your wedding date and these should be taken into account while planning a wedding. Hope! This was helpful in giving you an idea of a destination beach wedding cost.

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