Indian wedding without flowers is quite an unimaginable affair. Flowers add charm and grace to the occasion, thus increasing the aesthetic factor of the surrounding. From Varmalas to Bidaai, you see enchanting flowers beautifying and elevating the aura of the auspicious affair.

Different traditions around the globe incorporate flowers in vivid fashion to enhance the vibrancy and good vibes for the occasion.


But not all the flowers hold similar significance in different cultures, for example, Marigolds which are considered to be sacred and a symbol of prosperity are shelved in Christian weddings. It is believed that they bring misfortune and grief, however, Hindu culture regards them as a sign of prosperity and togetherness. Since they are worshipped to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi which are considered to be the ideal couple, hence newlyweds are blessed with the many petals marigolds in the anticipation of a similar beginning and journey ahead.


Both orange and yellow marigold hold high importance in the wedding rituals as they represent the sun, imparting brightness and positivity in the life of the new couple. White marigolds are also used for the décor purposes as well as in some rituals.

Another white flower which is widely popular in Hindu culture is that of Jasmine. It is an integral part of the south Indian weddings because of its sweet fragrance and freshness imparting qualities. Jasmine is also considered to exude proximity and passion between the couple.

Lily, is another popular choice when it comes to white flowers. Symbolizing purity and elegance, white lilies accord great significance in various customs. These flowers embody love and truthfulness which is primarily requisite in this journey of the new pair.

If you want to make your wedding an exotic affair, there is no better choice than orchids. Available in various colors, orchids have a rich and an opulent appeal. They uplift the atmosphere with their tantalizing scent and emblematize wisdom and power.


Although, when it comes to holding prime relevance, roses hold an undisputable position. Scintillatingly beautiful, these lively flowers serve multiple purposes. Where white and pink roses stand for happiness and grace, the red rose symbolizes true love and passion.

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