How much does a destination wedding at Samode Palace cost?

Planning to host a palatial destination wedding in Rajasthan? But still baffled about which heritage venue is the best for your extravagant D-day?


Located in the small village of Samode, enveloped by the mighty Aravali range is the eternally glorious Samode Palace.

Embellished with fine Indo-Saracenic Architecture, Samode Palace is an ideal blend of Indian and Mughal style!


Perfect for an intimate and exclusive wedding, this splendid heritage palace is an unending spectrum of hospitality and courtesy served with royalty!

Your dream of a  destination wedding in Rajasthan comes to reality with Samode’s palace efficient and marvellous event venues.

Durbar Hall Terrace Terrace 200 300
Durbar Hall Hall 125 200
Durbar Hall + Durbar Hall Terrace Hall 325 500
Rooftop Terrace 125 200
Poolside Lawn Lawn 60 100

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Located about 45km away from the largest city of the state- Jaipur, Samode Palace is a 475 year old architectural wonder and is the literal heaven you've been searching for your dreamy destination wedding in Rajasthan. 


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Accommodation: The palace offers a total of 42 elegant and furnished suites with 10,000 - 16,000 INR per night.

Food Expense Per Person
Lunch 2,000 - 3,500 INR
Dinner 3,000 - 5,500 INR

If you're planning to host a royal wedding in Rajasthan  at the Samode palace with a guest count of 200, these stats might be paramount for you

Accommodation 20 Lacs - 32 Lacs
Food 10 Lacs - 18 Lacs
Total Expense 30 Lacs - 50 Lacs


  1. Mandap: Set up your extravagant mandap in the boundaries of The Samode Palace’s royal courtyard
  2. Table & Chairs: It’s important to have a correct count of your guests to avoid any shortage of seating arrangements.
  3. Aisle: The Palace with its splendid architecture and mesmerising venues give you a chance to have a dream aisle to make your walk perpetual in your memory.
  4. Centre pieces : establish eye catching centrepieces to make your wedding night an enduring affair for the guests.
  5. Stage: Set up a stage depending on the theme of your event.
  6. Lighting: The Amber Glow will make the palace as scintillating as ever.
  7. LEDs: Add some bling to your royal affair by adorning it with some good quality LEDs
  8. Floral Decor: Beautiful flowers like marigold and lilies are multi-purpose for decor as well as for rituals.

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TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS: Having a transpiration team on the go is important to avoid any kind of hustle!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Hire a professional photographer with the ability to capture the essence of the royal Rajasthan as well as your precious moments perfectly!


SOUND AND DJ SETUP: Inform your DJ about your taste in music pre hand!


MAKEUP & MEHNDI ARTISTS: In order to avoid any last minute hassle, it is advisable to pre-book your makeup and Mehndi artists.


FOLK ARTISTS: Arranging some performances by the local group can make the event more lively as well as engaging.


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