Some Wedding Theme Ideas For Summer Wedding

Weddings are a lifelong event for the couple, so couples have a lot of dreams about it. Imagine taking your lifetime vows on a gorgeous beach in the backdrop of a setting sun or getting a trendy boho marriage in a vintage setting with summer dresses! Who claimed that summer weddings were meant to be sweaty and prickly. It can be dreamy and sparkling as you dreamt off!

Wedding Planner in Udaipur is back with a list of the hottest and brightest summer wedding themes of this year:

  1. Garden Theme Wedding: 

    For your special day, we are not talking about a typical Vatika venue. But a cute little wedding cottage/farmhouse! Your summer wedding could not get any more dreamy than this, with elegant pastel colors and a dreamy floral atmosphere. To emphasize the mood, integrate summer motifs such as colorful umbrellas, paper lanterns, a juice/ice-cream corner, or a pool party. You can also give cute wedding favors such as sunglasses and disposable cameras to your guests to enrich their experience.
  2. Vintage Theme Wedding: 

    With a vintage wedding theme, your love for all antique and rustic things can come true. It will show the world your everlasting and beautiful love story by getting your wedding vows written on an ancient scroll. Decorate your venue with bits of rustic furniture, such as vintage lanterns, antique gold pots, or rustic wooden doors decorated with old images and flowers. To write good wishes and heartfelt messages for your future, set up an old typewriter for your guests.
  3. Beach Theme Wedding: 

    Sounds exciting and full of adventures by the name itself. It makes it the most romantic destination for your wedding by sharing your wedding vows on the seashore, resounding with the echo of waves. Beach wedding provides you with countless ways to prepare for your big day by conducting sacred ceremonies under the starlit sky with fire lanterns or holding a day ceremony with a pop of colors. You can even make-your-own cocktail bar to make it more fun or have a creative photo booth built for your partner, family, and friends for a fun photo session.
  4. Boho Theme Wedding: 

    If you are a free spirit who unconventionally lives and believes in spreading positive vibes, then your calling is to marry in a more non-formal way. It will make your wedding no less than a whimsical affair to have a chic boho setting with Persian rugs, eclectic trinkets, fairy lights, or dreamcatchers!

A wedding is an experience that takes place once in a lifetime, and everything needs to be fine. That's why we make sure your D-day goes without a glitch. Wedding Planners got you covered with the entire kit, from catering to decor and photography. You require an expert, and Weddings By Neeraj Kamra is one of the leading destination wedding planners in Udaipur. And we leave no stone unturned as you put trust in us for your greatest day to ensure that your wedding is exactly how you imagined it to be!

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