Top 7 unique ideas for your pre wedding shoot

Pre wedding shoots have now become essential in a wedding check list. Apart from making some everlasting eternal memories, this is the most significant time a couple can send with each other before tying the knot.

If you've made up your mind to capture your pre wedding memories but still out of ideas how to make them quirky yet romantic, don't worry!

Here are the top 7 unique ideas for your pre wedding shoot.

1. Beginning Of  A New Adventure

Use color powders, like you get during Holi, and splash them on each other’s face. The vibrant setting created by the red, green, blue, pink, and other colors together, would leave any professional camera, bewitched.

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2. Silhouettes Blending Into The Scenery

we get to know that even shadows can narrate heartwarming love stories through silhouette pre-wedding shots. It is completely up to your photographer, how to make use of the sunlight and other lights if any, to capture the best silhouette shots. After all, it is all a play of lights, lights, and more lights.

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3. Plan your destination wedding In Udaipur and Fall in Love Royally.


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4. The classic Follow-Me

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5. And The Vintage Charm

Be inspired by a retro love story showed in any Hollywood, Bollywood, or other movies. Recreate the most famous romantic sequences from those movies in your pre-wedding photo shoot. Specifically, the retro style has been one of the most attractive pre-wedding shoot ideas for a few years now.


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6. Declare your love

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7. The magical twirl

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